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Requirements for Reopening Cosmetology and Massage Businesses


Pursuant to Executive Order No. 154 (Murphy) (June 12, 2020) and DCA Administrative Order 2020-09 (June 12, 2020), cosmetology shops, barber shops, beauty salons, hair braiding shops, nail salons, and massage establishments may reopen as of June 22, 2020.

Consumers should be aware that these orders establish protocols requiring these facilities to implement operational safeguards to minimize person-to-person contact. These requirements include:

  • Customers and staff must be screened.  Customers must be screened twice; initially within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment and then a second time immediately prior to or upon arrival at the business. Any customer or staff member who reports having any symptom consistent with COVID-19 in the last 72 hours, or having had exposure to an individual suspected of having had or confirmed to have had COVID-19 in the last 14 days, must not be permitted to enter the premises, whether for work or for a scheduled service.

  • All services must be by appointment only.  No walk-ins are permitted.

  • Limits must be established on the number of people allowed in an establishment at any given time. Only staff and clients receiving services by appointment should be inside the establishment.

  • Appointments must be spaced to allow time for cleaning and disinfecting between customers.

  • Temperature checks must be taken on clients and staff prior to entry, regardless of symptoms. Individuals with a temperature over 100.4 are not permitted to enter the shop to work or for an appointment.

  • Everyone in the premises must wear masks or a face covering at all times, unless receiving a service that precludes doing so, or when wearing a mask or face covering would inhibit an individual’s health.

  • Reusable items such as magazines, toys, and samples must be removed from premises.

  • Equipment and high touch areas must be cleaned and disinfected frequently, in compliance with CDC guidelines.  Disposable paper products must be used to the greatest extent possible and immediately discarded in a closed container after use.  All cloth items used must be properly laundered or disinfected. Product-sharing between stations is prohibited.

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection is required, in a manner consistent with CDC guidance, if an individual suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 is identified as having been in the premises. 

  • Best hygiene practices must be followed.  These practices include frequent hand washing, and requirements that soap, paper towels, alcohol-based disinfectant and other necessary supplies be provided.

  • Staff must be provided training in proper cleaning, disinfecting and other preventive measures.

  • Sick staff must remain home, and can only return to work in a manner consistent with CDC guidance.

  • An appointment book must be maintained with contact information for every customer served, as well as a daily log of staff, to facilitate contact tracing.  COVID-19 cases and exposures must be reported to local health boards. 

  • Staff providing any skin care service that requires the removal of the client’s mask must wear a face shield or goggles in addition to a mask or face covering when providing such services.  Staff providing manicuring services can use a table shield, instead of a face shield or goggles. Face shields, goggles and table shields shall be disinfected between each customer.

Licensees should read and familiarize themselves with DCA Administrative Order 2020-09 (June 12, 2020), as it contains more detailed guidance and requirements.

Consumers may file a complaint about alleged violations of these orders with: 

  •  the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling; and

  •  the New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy.

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